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RSS Wall Street Journal Commercial Real Estate News

  • Excuse Me, You're Blocking My Sun
    Australia’s rapid embrace of rooftop panels—now installed on one in four homes in some areas—has collided with another hot spot of investment, construction of apartments and homes.
  • 1031 Exchange Real Estate Tax Break Faces Extinction
    A much-loved tax advantage in the commercial real-estate industry is on the chopping block even as chances dim for the passage of a broad federal tax overhaul this year.

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RSS ChinaDaily.com International Business News

  • Amazon pushes cloud services in China
    Amazon is ramping up resources in China to tap into China's cloud computing market with its local partner establishing nine data centers across the country to improve services.
  • Citigroup expects China's GDP up 6.8% in 2017
    Citigroup predicts China's GDP will increase 6.8 percent in 2017, and investment and consumption will be key forces to drive up the country's economy in the second half year.

RSS GlobeSt.com International Real Estate News

  • More Sale-Leasebacks for Hotels on the Way
    Such deals are more common in Europe than the US, and many overseas investors prefer to them when buying hotels here.       
  • Office is Overbuilding. Or Not.
    The bulk of the new supply will be concentrated in the major global cities, “which is precisely where the greatest appetite is for these shiny new buildings,” says Kevin Thorpe, global chief economist with Cushman & Wakefield.       

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